PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Some of the most iconic west coast rappers including Ice cube, E-40, Too $hort and Snoop Dogg, have created your new favorite rap group: Mount Westmore.

Members Too $hort, Ice Cube and E-40 joined Everyday Northwest to share more about the group.

“When E-40 came up with the idea to do a group, I think I thought about it for half a second before I knew it was just a great idea and it’s something that’s good for hip-hop, not just good for us but for anybody that likes this kind of music,” Ice Cube said.

Even though the group is full of rappers that are powerhouses individually, songs still feature each group member.

“That’s one of those situations where that’s old-school hip-hop,” E-40 said. “Going back and forth… four bars a piece. You know, we wanted to keep that element of hip-hop because it’s very rare, we don’t do that anymore.”

Too $hort noted that the supergroup recorded about 50 songs during the pandemic and highlighted future projects, touring and a movie.

“We knew this was bigger than us, that this was great for hip-hop, this is a great template for people to follow. Just think if there’s a Mount Eastmore one day, a Mount Southmore, you know, where iconic rappers and entertainers get together and create supergroups,” Ice Cube said.