PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Thanks to some creative minds, karaoke is getting a facelift from an e-Trike karaoke trend on TikTok.

Created by SixThreeZero Bicycle Company, bike riders pick up random people on the street, interview them and have them sing on the back of their bike.

One of the content creators behind the series, Alanna Malicdem, said the idea started from karaoke at their office.

“Everyone at our office just loves singing and we started around the office with just our boss and other co-workers. It was so much fun, we thought we’d take it to the streets and people liked it, so we just kept up with it,” Malicdem explained.

While the series is based in West Hollywood, Malicdem said they’re hoping to take it to Coachella, Las Vegas or even nationwide.