Photos: Pizza Week hero Andy shows off 45 slices


Veganista - Rovente Hawthorne

This is Spinal Hatch - Hot Lips

The Wedge - Hogan's Goa

The Natural - Hot Lips Civic

The Dream - Sparky's Belmont

The Brookie & The Bobbie - Pizza Jerk

Star Wipe - Rogue Pearl

Taco'n It to the Streets - Old Town Brewing

Spudnik - Mississippi Pizza Pub

Spring Fling - 1905

Spinach Artichoke Dip - Via Chicago

Spicy Margherita - DeNicola's

Spicy Chester - Atomic

Sophia Loren - Atlas Division

Red Dawn - Hot Lips PSU

Porchetta and Tomatoes - Chiosco Pizza Window

Pizza Maiz de La Calle - SFNY Belmont

Pastrami & Roasted Garlic with Red Onion

Over Acheeser - Baby Doll

Morrocan Your World - Signal Station

Mellow Mood - Atlas Killingsworth

MAD Cat - Char

Mac'n'Cheese - Handsome's

Kung Pao Wow - Picasso

Kindly Go Duck Yourself - East Glisan Pizza Lounge

Hawaii 5-0-3 - SFNY Hawthorne

Goatbusters 2 - Hotlips Hollywood

Goatbusters - Hot Lips Hawthorne

Fez Merguez - Rovente Williams

Feeling Saucy - Hopworks Urban Brewery

Fearless Vampire Killer - SFNY West

Elote Pie - Blackbird Pizza

Dot's Burger Pizza - Atlas Foster

Curry On My Wayward Son from Old Town Pizza

Classic Pepperoni - Virtuous Pie

Chalupa Batman - Secret Pizza Society

Buffalo Blue - Sparky's

BiCeP - Bella Pizza

Bey-L-T - Amalfi's

Belly Dance - The Station

2$hort - Sunny's Pizza

A Slice of Tony - 21st Century