Learn everything you need to know about upkeeping and maintaining your yard and garden! Check out our videos and articles for relevant info on how to keep your plants beautiful and happy!

Things You Need to Know About Gardening:

    1. August is the second planting season in the Northwest, so now is a great time to reseed your lawn and plant a final round of veggies.
    2. During summer and early Fall, give your houseplants a vacation! Let them hang out on the deck for a few months - but before you bring them back in the house, give them a good wash with an insecticidal plant soap.
    3. Integrated pest management can help you get rid of unwanted bugs in your garden with fewer toxic chemicals.
    4. Get your plants ready for winter by spreading one-to-two inches of compost around the base. It will insulate their roots and build the soil up for Spring.
    5. If you're thinking fo adding fruit trees to your yard, think beyond the basic apple. There are many varities that grow well in the Northwest. You can taste test them at our apple tasting in October.
    6. Remember - gardening not only beautifies your yard - it can help reduce anxiety, stress and depression. So get out there and grow something!

    More Gardening Tips:

    The History of Portland Nursery

    When Portland Nursery opened its doors in 1907, horse-drawn carriages outnumbered cars, movies were still silent and refrigeration was a startling new idea. Even then, however, people everywhere were gardening.

    Retail centers on the East coast were particularly hungry for plants, and Pacific Northwest plant growers were hungry for business, but without phones or even highways to work with, the nearest town was a saddle sore ride away. Local small farmers growing ornamental plants were up against stupendous odds.

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    The Portland Nursery is proud to offer two locations with five acres of sprawling green space and everything an everyday gardener would need to keep their plants happy and healthy. In addition to trees, shrubs, perennials, natives, annauls, grasses, herbs and house plants - you can find tools, amendments, furtniture and pottery at both of their locations.

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