PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Oregon Humane Society recently merged with the Willamette Humane Society, which means they’ll be able to serve the pets and people in Salem beginning in July.

But mergers and expansions are only possible with the generous help of people. That’s why KOIN 6 teamed up with the Oregon Humane Society for their Doggie Dash Challenge Day.

Every dollar donated Wednesday will be doubled thanks to the generous partner of the Oregon Humane Society.

The Doggie Dash, set for May 14 at Waterfront Park, is one of the biggest festivals for pets and people in the country. On May 4, you can register for free using the promo code KOINLOVESPETS.

You can donate to the Oregon Humane Society in a number of ways:

By phone: 503.416.2985
Online: oregonhumane.org

Every donation makes a difference. For instance, $30 can feed 3 pets in the shelter for a week, $100 can spay/neuter 3 pets coming into the shelter and $300 supports an emergency animal rescue team.

But any and all donations are welcome — and needed.