SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — When people think of Mexican candy, they usually think of spicy mango lollipops, but one Salem business is making signature drinks out the spicy and sweet candies.

The Chubby Bean, located on Portland Road, is a combination of a drive-thru coffee shop and restaurant. It’s serving up unique Mexican style food, such as a jalapeño popper burrito and a Gansito cold brew, which is a strawberry-flavored jelly and crème-filled snack cake turned into a coffee drink.

A manager at the restaurant and said it took a couple of tries to get the flavors just right.

“I try to embody all of those flavors that is in a Gansito in every aspect of the drink,” said the employee. “Everyone is saying it tastes like it, so I’m glad the point went across correctly.”

The business employs about 16 people and first opened last July.

Despite not knowing what all the items are, the manager said that the community has been welcoming. She added that it’s an honor to share her Mexican heritage with others.

“We just wanted to show more of our heritage and what we bring,” the manager noted.

Other fun items at the Chubby Bean include an horchata macchiato, which is a sweet rice milk drink mixed with espresso and the Captain Burrito made with French fries, steak, guacamole and sour cream.

When asked what advice would be best for those hesitant to try Mexican candy, the manager said, “It sounds scarier than it is.”

She added, “People will be like, ‘Oh a Gansito milkshake? Isn’t that like bread?’ But you have to think about the flavors that go into that.”

Currently, the Chubby Bean is closed due to supplier issues but hope to open back up in mid-October to continue serving a spin on some Mexican candy classics.