PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – For home gardeners, or those looking to help bees, DIY expert Shannon Quimby is sharing how to make a mason beehive house.


1 x 8 x 4 Hemlock wood

Miter saw


Tape measure

100 grit sandpaper


Four 6” clamps

Wood Glue

Drill and 1/16” drill bit


1” finish nails

6” Mason been cardboard tubes, packet of 200

1⁄4” drill bit

How To:

1. Using the miter saw, measure and cut four boards, each 6” long. These will be the wall

of the beehive house

2. Cut one board at 5 1⁄4” square. This will be the back of the beehive house

3. Sand all cut sides and edges and wipe away the dust

4. Place the 5 1⁄4” square, flat on a surface. Line up each wall board on each edge of the

back board, overlapping each one, on one side. You’re basically wrapping the walls

boards around the back board base

5. Apply glue on all edges and surfacing that are touching

6. Clamp in place and let dry

7. Remove clamps and drill holes with the 1/16” drill bit on all corners, top and bottom and

in the center bottom of each wall board. That will secure the back board to the wall


8. Hammer in nails through all predrilled holes

9. Determine the top of your beehive house. I recommend turning it at a diamond angle

10. To hang from a nail, drill a hole at a 45-degree angle, center and about one inch from

the backside top of the beehive house

11. Fit the cardboard tubes tightly into the hive (inside of box) so they can’t be dislodged


Watch the video above to see how it is done.

Note: When hanging your beehive house, hang at least six to seven feet off the ground, facing direct morning sun and also protective of wind and approximately within 300-feet of plants.