PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – With graduation around the corner, a job recruitment agency is sharing tips for recent grads to navigate the job market as they search for their first job.

Specialized Recruiting Group Managing Director Caleb White recommends new grads focus on their specialty and leverage their professional network.

“I think the main thing is to, for one, really follow the craft that you have dedicated yourself to learning the last four or eight years, or however many years you’re in college,” White said. “I would also say, kind of continue to build that network, take advantage of the people that you know and try to expand that to people that you can meet and that are in your same industry to help grow your career that way as well.”

While it can be difficult to land a job with a lack of previous work experience, White says grads can still stand out by being committed to learning.

“I think the thing that a lot of companies are looking for is to really find someone that is dedicated to continue their growth and continue their learning. So, getting an opportunity and reaching out to the managers that you’re wanting to work for and being able to show that side of you, I think is a huge part of trying to make up for maybe that lack of skills that you might not necessarily have just from getting out of school,” White explained.

Lastly, White recommends researching the job market to follow employment trends or use recruitment services to find a job. And as some job postings online may not be active, White says, it can still be a good opportunity to show off your resume and network by applying.