PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — September is Hunger Action Month, an annual nationwide campaign to raise awareness about hunger in America and inspire action.

All month long, the Somali Oregon Service Center (SOSC) is partnering with Rohingya Youth Association of Portland and Oregon Food Bank to help distribute food to refugee and immigrant families.

“We serve all kinds of people. Even sometimes we serve the mainstream people, “said Ali Ibrahim, Executive Director of the SOSC, “Because we just look according to the needs of the people. We serve those new immigrants who came right now. The number is countless.”

As far as how each of the nonprofits will provide aid, Ibrahim states, “We give them workshops to teach them how to cook, what kind of food they have to cook and how to cook, and food poisoning, and everything.”

However, the partnership is not just limited to food.

“We also give them workshops on how to ride buses. We bring someone from Trimet. Because when we give them the food, they need something to help them.”

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