PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Seven pop-up shops opened up in downtown Portland on Tuesday — a new record for the city.

This PDX Pop-up Shop Program is a project from Downtown Portland Clean & Safe and the Portland Business Alliance. It aims to encourage people to shop locally for gifts.

The shops will be open through the end of December.

Full list of all the PDX Pop-up Shops and their coinciding descriptions provided by the Portland Business Alliance:

Indigenous Come-Up: 719 SW Morrison Street: Owner Lluvia Merello is proudly Quechua, Andean/Inca and she is both maker and partner with other Indigenous creators and makers. Indigenous Come Up will be featuring Enamel Pins, Double Jingle Style Earrings, Kusi Coya original bags, and Fulani Gold Hoop Earrings. Beautiful, detailed work!

Grate Co.: 1101 SW Washington Street: Greg & Nate founded Grate Company in 2015 with the goal of harnessing their overflowing creativity and share their passion with the world. They will have workshops, wreaths, bouquets, and even a delicious line of candles. Things are popping up Grate all over!

Makers Outlet: 133 SW 2nd Avenue: Special Hours – Open November 23, 2021 – January 31, 2022, Owner Rosalee Rester has been turning local maker’s deadstock into an outlet store that could only happen in Portland. Rosalee began an online baby clothing line and quickly realized that our maker community had an issue inventory that lingered in their own stores. The solution: a maker outlet store where the community can purchase couture and bespoke clothing as well as local crafts at a discount.

R&Arie: 215 SW 1st Avenue: R&Arie owner Reeba Daniel is creating an immersive and intimate self-care environment with a focus on wellness products. Small batch skincare, candle bar, ayurvedic consultations with a focus on Black, Indigenous, People of Color makers.

Tabbisocks: 875 SW Yamhill Street: Portland loves socks! True words!
Founder Maarlie Wada moved to the U.S. from Japan and brought with her eye for Japanese sock style. While PDX Pop-Up shops strongly supports our local makers, this opportunity charmed the socks off our selection committee, and we are excited to support this locally owned company.

The Pickle Jar, Portland Pickles Clubhouse & Team Store: 910 SW 2nd Avenue. That is correct, Portland’s favorite summer wood bat baseball league for college-eligible student-athletes will be bringing their “A-Game” to a gift shop full of their iconic mascot and merchandise. Watch this space for “Dillon Drops,” special guest appearances from Dillion one of the minor leagues most recognizable and beloved mascot.

Ceramic NW: 300 SW Yamhill Street: The volunteer-run Oregon Potters Association will be showcasing up to 40 ceramic artists in this amazing display of Oregon talent. Expect all things clay in this wonderful ceramic showcase. We are excited to support this non-profit as it experiments with their very first retail space.