PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The fast-growing city of Woodburn is seeing a housing and industrial boom with new housing and businesses coming to the city.

“We are a city of destination,” Woodburn Mayor Frank Lonergan said.

The city is building over 500 single-family homes and over 3,000 apartments throughout the community, the mayor explained.

“We were just about out of buildable land in both industrial and residential about eight years ago,” Lonergan said. “But working with the state, we were able to increase the urban growth boundary. And looking at the southwest part of the city, we were able to include several hundred acres into our city limits.”

Lonergan also highlighted the city’s business growth, including adding more restaurants to its roster. The new restaurants include Bopcha — a Korean restaurant at Woodburn Premium Outlets — and the state’s first drive-thru-only Chick-Fil-A.

The mayor added that industrial growth is continuing into 2024, when Amazon’s 3.9 million square feet fulfillment center is slated to open in Woodburn and is expected to bring 2,000 jobs to the city.

“The economy right now is good. It’s a very good time to be part of Woodburn,” Lonergan said.