PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A local jewelry shop recently launched a program where they buy back used jewelry, refurbish it and sell it at a steep discount. They’re also highlighting jewelry makers from around the world making a difference in their communities.

The pieces don’t travel very far when they go to market in northwest Portland, as Betsy and Iya founder Betsy Cross says, the company started in a tiny studio in 2008 and kept growing, even though the pandemic.

“It’s a really important part of our business that we make most of the product you see in the shop right here right behind our shop,” Cross said.

For Cross, it’s a passion that started when she was young.

“I had worked at a bead shop. That was the extent of my jewelry making knowledge, but I had this real affinity for adornment and knew a little about jewelry making so, that was the path I chose,” Cross explained.

Cross wanted to amplify beauty, strength and connection but also wanted to make sure the pieces were ethical and recycled.

“We’re able to take back pieces that maybe they’ve outgrown. Love them but maybe not wearing them as often,” Cross explained. “So, we can take them back and give them store credit for our shop, and then refurbish those pieces and sell them at a discount to someone new.”

It’s not just costume and fine jewelry at Betsy and Iya, the store also has clothing, candles, beauty products and more – with a lot of those items coming from makers around the world.

Cross noted “we try to put the spotlight on different maker voices and different people in the community, and outside the community, who are doing wonderful things helping their own communities whether they’re in Portland or not.”