PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – There’s a company operating in Portland that’s making more dogs wag their tails and more humans secure additional income; it’s called Sniffspot

Founder David Adams says his business is “like Airbnb for dog parks.” 

Adams founded Sniffspot in late 2017 after getting his first dog. At the time, he lived in a downtown Seattle apartment and quickly realized how few public greenspaces were nearby to take his dog to. However, he saw there were a lot of yards that sat empty all day with no one using them. 

Sauvie Island property – photo courtesy Sniffspot

Inspired by Airbnb and encouraged by feedback he received on Facebook, Adams took his business idea and launched Sniffspot — a company that allows people to rent out their private property for dogs to enjoy. 

“Cities are not built for dogs, and especially the high-rise cities of the future, like Portland’s one of the, you know, up and coming high-rise cities. It’s hard to be a dog and dogs need space,” Adams said. 

Since starting in Seattle, Sniffspot has expanded around the country to places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Tampa, Nashville, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Denver, Portland and more. 

As Adams mentioned, he believes the service will only become more valuable in the future as cities continue to build denser, apartment-style housing. 

What’s surprised him since starting the business, is he expected most of the clients to be apartment-dwelling dogs and their humans, but the data show that about 70% of Sniffspot guests own their own yard and use the service to bring their dog elsewhere for a change of scenery. Adams said his dogs get bored in their own yard and enjoy visiting new places, so he thinks other people are using Sniffspot to make their dogs’ lives more interesting with new experiences. 

Sauvie Island property – photo courtesy Sniffspot

“The ah-ha moment for our guests is just seeing when they let their dog off the leash in this safe place, seeing the look of joy on their dog’s face as they can run around and not have a care in the world and just be a dog,” Adams said. 

He believes letting dogs run around off their leash regularly can help dogs who are struggling with obesity, depression and anxiety. He said Sniffspot has a lot of great places to bring dogs who are shy or don’t get along well with other dogs. 

Dog parks can be crowded, dirty and chaotic, but Sniffspot locations are private. When someone makes a reservation, no other dog owners are able to book at the same time. There are also 30-minute buffers between each reservation to make sure dogs and their owners have time to get off the property before the next reservation arrives. 

While Sniffspots are great for dogs, they’re also a great income opportunity for humans. Adams said some hosts in the Portland area are making more than $2,000 a month by renting out their space. 

“You’re not working for it. You’re just sharing your land and you’re making money, so it’s pretty ideal,” he said. 

Sniffspot locations can be fenced or unfenced. Hosts who sign up will enter information about their property, such as its size, if there are other animals nearby, if it has a private entrance, the maximum number of dogs allowed, and if there are water features or other hazards. Sniffspot says it reviews every location.  

Guests are expected to keep their dog on a leash when they enter and exit the spot, to clean up any mess their dog makes, to arrive and leave on time and follow any specific rules set in place by the host. Guests should also check a location to make sure it’s secure before letting their dog off its leash. 

Adams said Portland is “one of our coolest markets” and is an awesome area to be a “Sniffspotter.” Hosts don’t need to live in the city. They can live in the suburbs or other surrounding areas and still sign up. 

Anyone interested can visit Sniffspot.com for more information.