PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Traveling on Alaska Airlines soon? The kind of coffee you’ll be offered will soon change.

Alaska Airlines announced it has changed its business partnerships and will no longer serve Starbucks Coffee on its flights.

Instead, Alaska will start offering Portland’s very own Stumptown Coffee.

“Having flown millions of miles fueled by countless cups of coffee, Stumptown stands out as first class. Like travel, coffee has a remarkable way of bringing people together. I can’t wait for our guests and employees to enjoy a cup of Stumptown when they fly with us,” Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci said in a statement on the airline’s website.

“We wanted a crowd pleaser — something that would delight folks who enjoy milder coffees and also speak to guests who enjoy medium-bodied roasts,” Stumptown President Laura Szeliga said in a statement on the airlines’ website.

The custom roast from Stumptown — a medium-dark brew crafted to be enjoyed mid-air — will start to roll out on all Alaska flights starting in the fall and will be on every flight by Dec. 1.

The business partnership between Alaska Airlines and Stumptown comes after the airline recently announced it was severing ties with the Portland Timbers.