PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – With more restaurants and retailers opening in the city, Beaverton Mayor Lacey Beaty says the city is focused on growing business and investing in climate resiliency.

Over the last two weeks, Beaty said Beaverton saw two major announcements, including one from Analog Devices, which announced a billion-dollar tech investment in the city, with 10% of the funding addressing climate change.

Additionally, REI announced that Beaverton will be home to its largest store in the state.

“I think it’s important to know that Beaverton is open for business,” Beaty said.

Beaty says the city has been planning for this growth while balancing sustainability efforts, including water investments.

“Water, I think is one of our number one issues that we’re addressing head-on. Past generations of city councils have invested in underground storage wells, which has made us very rich in natural resources and it makes it so we can store water during the rainy season and bring it back out during times like now when it’s really dry and not as much rain,” Beaty explained.

Beaverton has also secured funding for its Purple Pipe system, which “recharges” rainwater for irrigation, Beaty said.

“Water is everything and it’s something you don’t think about when you turn the faucet on, and it works. But if you’re in a community that is water poor, or the pipes haven’t been invested in, you think about it all the time. Growth is water,” Beaty said.

“We’ve secured water rights in multiple areas, and we have redundancy hookups in the city of Beaverton so, one water system goes down, we’re hooked up in two other locations,” Beaty added. “That’s going to make us really important for future growth and it’s going to keep the cost of water down. When other communities see water rates rising at a really fast pace, Beaverton isn’t because we’re able to store water underground to our five underground reservoirs the city’s invested in.”

She added, “Beaverton is the place people want to be. We’ve made it a great environment for businesses to open to our concierge-style office here at City Hall, we meet people where they are and help them get where they’re going.”