PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – About 200 volunteers were supposed to gather in rafts, kayaks and scuba gear to clean up the Clackamas River on September 11, but the wildfire at Milo McIver State Park prevented the annual event from taking place. 

Despite the interruption, organizers say the cleanup will go on. The annual Down the River Cleanup has been rescheduled and redesigned. 

Clackamas River Basin Council and We Love Clean Rivers host the event and say they’re pivoting to Down the River “mini” cleanups to help cover each section of the river over the next two weeks. 

“We were heartbroken that the reason we had to cancel was because the very places we are trying to protect were on fire. But, we have planned a way to get the river clean with the help of volunteers before the rains start,” said Amy Barton from Clackamas River Basin Council. 

The first mini cleanup took place September 16 from Riverside Park to Clackamette Park. The next cleanup, from Carver Park to Riverside Park, will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 21. 

The third cleanup is Friday, Sept. 23 from Milo McIver State Park to Barton Park and the final cleanup and cookout will take place on Saturday, Sept. 24 from Barton Park to Carver Park. The picnic will be held at Barton Park. 

Everyone who registered for the original event is invited to attend, along with anyone else who’s interested. 

People can either choose to clean up trash on land or on the water. 

Volunteers can visit WeLoveCleanRivers.org to register.