PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A grassroots effort that includes 2 former Oregon City mayors filed paperwork Monday to recall current Mayor Dan Holladay.

The Committee to Recall Dan Holladay said in a release “All four Oregon City Commissioners want to see Dan Holladay resign, but they do  not have the power to remove him–only we, the people, do.”

Holladay is in his second term as mayor, which runs through December 31 2022.

Recall manager Adam Marl said, “Mayor Holladay has lost the faith of the city that he is attempting to lead, with even his fellow commissioners calling for his resignation. His refusal to resign for the good of the city has prompted this nonpartisan grassroots campaign to lead the concerted efforts of those who believe in a better future for Oregon City.”

Last Wednesday, Holladay was censured for “injuring the good name of Oregon City, disturbing its well-being, and hampering its worth,” the committee said and added, “Holladay was the ​only​ mayor out of all 26 in the metro area to refuse to sign  a statement condemning systemic racism and committing to address it at the  local level.”

In a letter addressed to the 4 current Oregon City commissioners, former mayors Doug Neeley and Alice Norris did not hold back.

“When the Mayor is out of step with the community, demonstrates rude, degrading and possibly illegal behavior, it is indeed troubling. Dan Holladay’s use of social media to inflame members of the public runs contrary to the expectations of a mayor. The mayor’s position should be to facilitate public dialogue and create an atmosphere where goals and policies can be discussed safely, debated, and formulated through respectful dialogue among the Commission members with input from the public and city staff. Holladay’s actions run contrary to these expectations.”

They continued:

“Recalls are divisive, but sometimes necessary to restore balance and trust within elected leadership. This is such a time. Please know that we stand with you and are ready to assist you in any way that can be helpful.”

KOIN 6 News reached out to Mayor Holladay for comment and has not yet heard back.