PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — All Lake Oswego High School campus buildings went into lockdown on Thursday after a student reported a “message threatening violence” to a teacher, according to the school district.

The high school and junior high buildings were placed in a “secure and hold” and a “secure” mode following the threat. The junior high’s “secure” mode was lifted around 1:30 p.m and about an hour a half later, the high school removed their own “secure and hold” and began to release students.

All students and staff remained inside while the lockdowns were in place, with no one being let in or out of the campuses. The school district said no harm occurred but they were “taking every precaution to verify the situation.”

It is not clear where the threatening message originated or what the contents of it were.

During the day, the district authorized law enforcement to search every person on campus and their property for weapons. The district says restroom breaks for “urgent matters” were monitors and lunch was delivered to staff and students.

Ultimately, no weapons or credible threats were revealed. Police say everyone is safe — but their investigation is continuing.

Lake Oswego Police will increase their presence at the school on Friday for everyone’s safety.

Shortly before 5 p.m., Lake Oswego Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Schiele released a statement to parents describing the events of the day. She said counselors will be available at school tomorrow for any students who need to talk about the situation.

“Thank you to the student who saw and said something, and to all of the students, teachers, staff and families in Lake Oswego High and throughout the district for their patience and cooperation. Thank you also to our community members and neighbors for their understanding and support. It can be an extremely stressful and frightening experience,” Schiele said, in part. “We understand if your student feels the need to stay home from school tomorrow and we support that family decision. No new material or exams will be given and absences will be excused. Parents/guardians, as always, if you decide to keep your child home, please contact your school attendance secretary so that we know your child is safe at home and not on school grounds. For those attending school, we will focus on the care and needs of our students.”