PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Angela Brandenburg is making history as the first woman to serve as sheriff in Clackamas County.

Sheriff Brandenburg is the county’s 33rd sheriff following the retirement of Craig Roberts at the end of 2020. Brandenburg worked her way up the ranks during her 29 years with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office: from deputy to patrol sergeant to director of Oregon’s first Family Justice Center.

“I am extremely proud of and that center helps folks who are impacted by domestic violence and child abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking and elder abuse,” she said.

Brandenburg was also second-in-command to the sheriff for two years and led the CCSO’s Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team. She was elected to the office during the county’s May 2019 primary.

As she steps into her new role, wellness and transparency are among her top priorities.

“I would really like body cameras for our personnel and I am going to be seeking funding for those cameras in this next fiscal cycle,” said Brandenburg.

The new sheriff is also in the process of creating a wellness unit.

“Law enforcement is tough and a difficult job and I really want to safeguard the physical and mental health of our employees so they can take care of you and our community,” she said.

Brandenburg also touched on the public demands for police reform and accountability.

“I think this is an opportunity for law enforcement to work together with our legislators to meet the needs of our community,” she said. “I think there will be some good things that will come out of the legislature this next session and I look forward to working with our legislators to make that happen.”

Friday marks Brandenburg’s first full week on the job.

“It’s important to me that the people of Clackamas County know is as their elected sheriff that I serve them and that I will put their safety and wellbeing at the center of my decision making,” she said. “I understand that my office will continue to earn the trust of our community each and every day and we will do that.”