PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Three people were crushed between two cars stopped on an I-5 exit ramp in Clark County when another driver tried to take the exit and rear-ended one of the vehicles, police said.

According to a crash report from the Washington State Patrol, the collision happened around 9:43 p.m. Saturday on the 78th Street exit ramp of I-5 S where 36-year-old Ying Ting’s Honda CRV was broken down, blocking the road.

Two people in a Kia Soul — 20-year-old Kiki Salazar and 21-year-old Jorge Santiago-Joaquin — pulled over on the right shoulder ahead of Ting to offer some help, WSP said.

While the three of them were standing between their cars, another driver, 33-year-old Derek Cunningham, tried to take the 78th Street exit and hit the back of Ting’s Honda, police said. The crash propelled the SUV into the group and the Kia behind them.

Ting was killed in the collision, according to the crash report, and Salazar, Santiago-Joaquin and Cunningham were all injured and taken to the hospital.

On December 27, authorities said Santiago-Joaquin died at PeaceHealth Southwest.

The report stated drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident, but it did not specify how and to what extent. The official cause of the crash is still under investigation.

Authorities released Ting’s name in an updated report after his next of kin had been notified, WSP said.

Police did not immediately release any further details.