PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Clark County officials are declining to say if the “suspicious activity” that was detected on the county network on Oct. 21 is related to a hacking incident.

On Oct. 22, Clark County announced that “suspicious activity” had shut down parts of its website. The issue continues to affect some of the county’s online services, including the Property Information Center and Geographic Information Services pages. The issue initially also affected the county’s jail roster webpage. However, that portion of the website now appears functional.

In an email to KOIN 6 News, Clark County spokesperson Joni McAnally neither confirmed nor denied the possibility that the county website was targeted by hackers.

“Like most entities these days, Clark County monitors the security of its networks, which is how we discovered the situation,” McAnally said. “As I’m sure you can understand, the situation is still fluid as our IT folks are still investigating the situation.”

Officials said that the issue could also cause voter registration delays with the 2023 general election weeks away. McAnally did not say how long the county elections office delays might last but added that no county data is believed to have been stolen at this time.

“I don’t have further information on voter registration,” she said. “We have not seen any indication of stolen data. This is really all I have at this point.”

The county said that more information about the “suspicious activity” will be posted to its website when it is available.