PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Fire crews responded to a report of an agitated person escalated to a fire evacuation at a Vancouver apartment building on Friday evening.

Vancouver Fire Department says they responded to a report of an agitated person at around 5:19 p.m. at the Fox Point Apartments on NE 57th Avenue.

Initially, the responding unit was small, with just a single fire engine, along with the Vancouver Police Department and American Medical Response, according to officials.

However, while en route, VFD says more reports came in about smoke rolling out of the apartment where the incident was originally reported, which resulted in escalating to a full structural response.

Given the situation, firefighters had to evacuate neighboring residents, while the agitated individual was still in their apartment, officials said.

Once evacuations were complete, VFD says they stayed on the scene while law enforcement officials continued to talk with the individual.

At one point during the incident, there were 11 responding units with a total of 32 people working.

No injuries were reported.

No other details were immediately available.