Ice chunk leaves ‘football-sized’ hole in Vancouver home

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The FAA said finding the plane responsible would be near impossible

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — A Vancouver couple came home from work on Thursday to a giant hole in their roof, and a large chunk of ice melting on the floor.

The hole in Shane Forde’s roof was about the size of a football. He said everything was fine when he left for work around 1 p.m. on November 7. Then his wife got home around 9:20 p.m. to find the gaping hole.

Ceiling debris was all over the floor, a vase was shattered—at first Jessica Forde thought someone had broken in. However, she soon realized that there was a massive hole in the ceiling, and everything was wet. She said she found the largest chunk of ice in the kitchen.

“The hole through the roof portion is quite large,” said Jessica. “And to have that blunt force trauma, to just shoot through multiple layers of a home—it had to be pretty big.”

When Shane got home later that same night, he was just as confused.

“I grabbed my step ladder and put my hand through the hole,” he said. “And felt a breeze from outside and thought, ‘this can’t be right.'”

After speaking with both the FAA and the National Weather Service, Shane believes the suspicious ball of ice fell from a plane passing over. The NWS told Shane that the ice was not hail or anything storm-related.

Planes fly over regularly on their way to and from PDX, according to Shane. He even got a shot of a plane in the sky overhead as he was taking pictures of the ice and the damage it left behind.

“I got to this angle and I looked up and saw the stars,” said Shane. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The FAA told Shane via email that there isn’t much they can do to figure out which plane it came from. Officials told him that there was such a large window of time from 1-9 p.m.—dozens of planes flew by in that span of time. They told him that they would document that it happened, but finding the responsible party would be “near impossible.”

Shane said it’s fortunate he and his wife weren’t home and standing in that spot when the ice chunk came crashing in because it could have really injured them.

“There are kids over here, kids outside playing basketball,” said Shane. “It could have randomly dropped on someone’s head. Material things can be replaced, but not your life.”

The family now has a patch on the roof and are working on repairs.

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