PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Las Vegas Metro Police Department is recruiting officers in Oregon and Washington, but local testing to find officers has been postponed.

This comes as the Portland Police Bureau has had ongoing staff shortages and efforts to increase the ranks.

Vancouver Police Department said they just got approval for a $25,000 hiring incentive, if it’s a lateral move, and $10,000 for officers just starting out. 

They say they’re doing this because they have staffing issues like many law enforcement agencies across the country. They also say crime is up here as well, in part due to the pandemic.

“It’s very common for police agencies to have hiring incentives, because we’re all looking for increased staffing,” Vancouver spokesperson Kim Kapp explained. “We’re doing a lot of recruiting ourselves, not only for officers in the state who might be looking to transfer but also for officers in other parts of the country.”

Vancouver Police Department hiring

This news comes on the same day Las Vegas Metropalitan Police Department was set to have a written test in Vancouver. However, they cancelled the test because of Vancouver’s COVID surge. LVMPD is hiring police officers, corrections officers, and other civilian positions.

PPB provided the following statement about Las Vegas’ efforts to recruit:

An employment trend across every industry in the country right now is the struggle to find qualified applicants to fill empty positions. The profession of law-enforcement is no different, with the additional challenge of addressing community demands to face issues associated to racial justice. And just as with other industries, police departments around the country have been forced to broaden their pool of applicants beyond just their local or even state populations. Of course, the Portland Police Bureau would love to have any local residents interested in joining law-enforcement apply with the Bureau, and we continue to encourage this.