PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The first of two phases to equip all Vancouver police officers with body-worn cameras begins Monday, part of a camera program approved by the City of Vancouver in 2022.

Patrol officers will be outfitted with a camera first, police officials said. Front-facing and rear-passenger vehicle cameras will eventually be installed in all patrol vehicles. However, VPD officials said they won’t be installed in patrol cars until late 2023 due to shipping delays and supply chain issues.

The non-patrol personnel will have a body camera issued by March 9.

Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle told KOIN 6 News the program includes “200 body cameras and the whole computer system that goes along with it, but also keeping all of the data and then using it both for the prosecuting attorney, and for the officers, and for the public, that is a huge piece. So, the implementation of that program will take quite a bit of time.”

“This is a very important milestone our personnel have been looking forward to for some time and one we know the community has also been anticipating”, said Vancouver Police Chief Jeff Mori.

In addition to advancing its camera program, the city also hired a new police chief along with additional officers.