PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Surveillance video depicting a use-of-force case in a Clark County Jail in Washington that’s under criminal investigation has been released.

The video showed an inmate who has been handcuffed speaking with a deputy when a corrections deputy, identified as Robert Hanks, came from behind and push the inmate into the bed structure. All of this was seemingly unprovoked.

About 20 seconds later, Hanks appeared to initiate another struggle, eventually pushing the inmate into the bed again. The deputies joined in to wrestle the inmate to the ground.

Surveillance video then showed a deputy leaving and then returning with a strap, which is then tethered to the inmate’s handcuffs. The deputies then used the tether outside of the jail cell door to drag the man backward on the ground through the cell and remove the cuffs through the cell door hole, the released footage showed.

The incident happened on Aug. 13, 2021, around 6:30 a.m., according to authorities.

Hanks is currently on leave and another sergeant was disciplined after the sheriff’s office said the sergeant did not watch the video as is required in use-of-force cases.

Authorities blurred the video of the inmate to protect his privacy, according to a release.

In a statement released on March 10 acknowledging the investigation, Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins said: “Upon being notified of this incident, I viewed the video and was very troubled by what I observed. I know the importance of not jumping to conclusions or prejudging an incident based upon video alone. I did however, order that the matter be immediately referred to an outside agency for a criminal investigation. I have received a copy of that criminal investigation today, after it was delivered to Prosecuting Attorney Tony Golik’s Office. We will commence immediately with our internal affairs investigation, during such time that Mr. Golik considers the criminal investigation. I am committed to transparency of how my office handles the internal affairs investigation, and what if any disciplinary action that may follow – once that investigation is completed.”

The investigation is ongoing.