PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A woman was caught on camera dropping a dog off at Orchards Park in Vancouver, leaving the animal before driving off in her Tesla.

In the video shared with KOIN 6 News, you can see the woman get the dog out of her car, lead the dog to the park, then quickly run back to her car to leave.

“People drive by and that’s our property and nobody’s supposed to be lingering down there for any amount of time, so I always check if they don’t come back right away,” said resident Alyssa Ott. It was her surveillance system that recorded the incident. When she got a notification that someone was near her property Thursday evening, she checked the footage and was shocked by what she saw.

“I was like, ‘I think this lady is leaving her dog down here,'” recalled Ott. “I saw her take the leash off and throw it back in the car.”

A short time later, Ott’s surveillance camera recorded another car as it circled the cul-de-sac before driving away, and in that clip, the dog attempts to follow the car.

We’re told the lost and found dog shelter “I Paw’d It Forward” now has the yellow lab — who is perfectly safe. Kerilyn Jakubs, who runs the organization, said her team picked up the dog Thursday night. In her experience, she said a situation like this one is rare.

“We spend all day, every day, 24 hours a day, chasing down lost and found pets and all of them have owners that love them and miss them and did not mean for them to get out,” said Jakubs. “It’s more likely that someone’s going to steal a pet and dump it than it is for an owner to dump their pet.”

They say the dog will not be available for adoption pending an investigation into what happened, though they have already received numerous calls and requests from people who want to give the pup a forever home.

An investigation is now underway, handled by Clark County Animal Protection and Control.

Clark County Animal Protection and Control said the owner of the vehicle seen in the video could potentially face a misdemeanor or civil infraction for animal cruelty. Officials urged people who want to rehome a pet to seek out one of the many resources available in the community.

Anyone that recognizes this woman or the dog is urged to call the shelter at 833.360.7293.