PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man accused of keying people’s cars and smearing urine and feces on peoples’ doors has been arrested and released multiple times for crimes across Portland, court records indicate, and those impacted say they’re fed up no one seems to be doing anything

Court records show Anthony King has been arrested at least 18 times in Multnomah County since 2012. Most of the cases include charges for criminal mischief, but some include harassment and assault charges.

Documents related to those arrests reveal more than a dozen separate victims.

King was most recently arrested last week and charged with keying three different vehicles near east burnside and Southeast 28th Avenue.

Court documents say “King admitted to keying vehicles earlier in the week and stated he keys cars one or two times per week.” He told police he does it because he’s mad, according to the documents.

While keying cars may sound like a relatively small act of vandalism, it’s not insignificant to those impacted who have to pay thousands to repair the damage.

King is currently in jail with multiple cases pending, not just for keying cars. He’s also facing charges for throwing items at cars as people were driving, slashing tires with a knife and spitting on a woman who was jogging.

KOIN 6 News has reached out to the district attorney’s office for more details on King’s case.