PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The fifth day of testimony in the murder trial of Nancy Crampton Brophy is postponed after being slated to start Friday morning.

The court clerk announced they would not be holding trial for the Brophy case on Friday to help with pacing.

Crampton Brophy, 71, is accused of killing her husband, Chef Daniel Brophy, at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland on June 2, 2018.

Thursday, the court heard from two people who worked with Daniel at OCI. His parents also testified.

Here are 6 takeaways from the trial on Thursday:

  1. There were no surveillance cameras in the Oregon Culinary Institute at the time of Chef Brophy’s death.
  2. Around the time of his death, OCI faculty were not receiving raises.
  3. Daniel’s coworkers and parents agree that he did not like guns and did not talk about them.
  4. Daniel’s parents gave Nancy a $50,000 loan that she never finished paying back. His parents told Daniel and Nancy to forget about it.
  5. Nancy wanted to sell the Brophys’ house and acted quickly to do so after Daniel’s Death.
  6. About a year before he died, Karen Brophy, Daniel’s mother, said Nancy had told her that Daniel had changed and was spending a lot of time lying around watching sports.