PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland and Vancouver are reportedly the only cities in the Tri-Counties and SW Washington where you are not allowed to shoot off personal fireworks.

However, it is believed that some people will leave the Portland/Vancouver area for neighboring communities. KOIN 6 chatted with people who live on the Portland/Beaverton line who believe people will break the rules.

Fire officials say the best and safest thing to do is leave fireworks to the experts and attend one of several professional fireworks shows in the area.

However, if you are planning on shooting off fireworks, never allow children to handle them and older children should only handle them under close adult supervision. Also, never try to re-light a used firework or one that’s malfunctioned.

Cassandra Ulven, a division chief with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue also asks that everyone remember that there are a lot of people, especially combat veterans, who experience high anxiety on the holiday.

“It’s a very distressing time to hear things that sound like gunshots and bombs,” Ulven said. “My father was a veteran of the Vietnam War… He served in combat for a full tour of duty and I very vividly remember the distress that I would see on his face as a child … He still struggled with that reaction when those sounds of fireworks would first go off or if they would go off in the middle of the night after most people’s barbecues and celebrations had ended.”

Ulven praised the city of Wilsonville for hosting a laser light show on the Fourth of July, instead of a fireworks show.

She also told KOIN 6 that the Fourth of July is the busiest day of the year for dispatchers and that if you’re calling to report illegal fireworks, don’t call 911. Instead, call the non-emergency dispatch number in your county.