PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — During these uncertain times, one of the many things kids are missing out on is vaccinations. 

Local physicians say well-visits and regularly scheduled vaccinations are still essential during even a pandemic. Because of this, one pediatrician is going old school in an effort to get kids their vaccinations.

Brave Care is a local office specializing in health care for children. Not only is Doctor Corey Fish making house calls, but he’s also showing up at people’s houses in a special set of wheels beginning on Wednesday morning.

It is a Lightning McQueen-themed red Corvette that Brave Care Pediatrician Corey Fish is driving to make house calls in. Dr. Fish is making house calls in a car that’s modeled after a character in Pixar’s animated film Cars, in an effort to associate something fun with a visit from a doctor — all to take care of some much-needed vaccinations in the process.

“I think people think that doctor’s offices are a place where they’re likely to get exposed to coronavirus and things of that nature,” Dr. Fish said. “I would say that our offices are probably safer than your average grocery store at this point.”

For the next several Wednesdays, Dr. Fish is willing to make a house call on any child in need of vaccinations. He’ll arrive in the Lightning McQueen Corvette — a car that is so authentic to the movie it even talks.

“It’s fun,” he said. “We get to go around in a thing that sparks joy and gets kids excited and get to show up to somebody’s house and administer needed vaccines on their front porch or on their patio furniture.”

It’s a splash from the past — both Lightning Mcqueen and the house calls. Fish hopes it’ll encourage more people to get caught up on vaccinations since he’s got just the right car to distract kids who still have fear of needles.