PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Five weeks after a fatal crash killed two Southridge High School students and critically injured a Washington County Deputy, one of the teens who survived is now home with his family after multiple surgeries and weeks in the hospital.

Sky Korbut will be a junior in Beaverton School District next year. He says some of his teachers called him on Friday and invited him to an event they were having on campus. He got to see teachers and classmates for the first time in more than a month — and that really meant a lot to him.

“I’m so grateful for the second chance I got,” Korbut said.

It’s been weeks since Korbut’s mother, Alecia Delarosa, received a call that her son was one of five Skyview High School students involved in the crash on TV Highway.

“He’s a walking miracle,” Delarosa said.

Korbut’s friends, 16-year-old Juan “Pablo” Aguilara and 17-year-old Matthew Amaya, died in the April 27 crash.

“I have so many memories with them and it’s just hard I can’t make more,” Korbut said.

Investigators say 18-year-old Rodriguez, who was drinking and driving, ran a red light and struck Deputy Michal Trotter’s patrol car.

According to court documents, officers on the scene saw cans of 4 Loko and said the odor of alcohol permeated from the vehicle.

“I’ve heard from a detective that he was all over the road that he couldn’t even stay in lanes,” Korbut said.

Korbut said he and Rodriguez weren’t close friends but knew each other from school and that Rodriguez was the only teen in the group that had a driver’s license.

Korbut told KOIN 6 News he knows they were hanging out in Portland before the crash, but he only has two memories of the entire night.

After the TV Hwy crash, passenger Sky Korbut had 6 broken ribs and intestinal injuries. The 15-year-old now also has three metal rods in his body — two in his spine and one in his femur. June 3, 2022. (courtesy Sky Korbut).

“I just remember we were heading home and then I don’t remember anything else besides helicopter noises,” Korbut explained.

He woke up a week and a half later in the hospital where he stayed for 17 days before being released. His friend James Thompson, who survived the crash, is also out of the hospital.

“We’ve been talking about going to counseling together getting things worked out but it’s been pretty hard especially with Pablo’s birthday the other day,” Korbut said.

The 15-year-old now has three metal rods in his body — two in his spine and one in his femur. Korbut also had six broken ribs and intestinal injuries. Doctors had to cut off and reattach a foot of his intestines. In total, he underwent five surgeries and says he only feels pain from the injuries at night. He told KOIN 6 News he is still angry at himself for getting in the car.

Korbut’s mother said while his physical injuries are healing quickly, it’s the emotional ones that will take time.

“The emotional part is the next step, it’s a long road yet, but we can conquer it, he’s a good, strong kid and I know he’ll get through this part,” Delarosa said.