PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Fireworks are a Fourth of July tradition, but not every city welcomes them with open arms. 

Some cities have banned the big bangs and flashing sparks, or only allow them in certain areas. 

The City of Portland said more fires are reported on July 4 than on any other day of the year in the United States, and nearly half of them are caused by fireworks. 

In March of 2022, the Portland City Council permanently banned the sale and use of all consumer fireworks, including things like sparklers, for Independence Day. 

The city said exploding fireworks are dangerous and can be traumatizing for children, pets, and war veterans. 

Portland’s fireworks ban was implemented after three people died and several were injured in an apartment fire caused by fireworks in Northeast Portland on July 4, 2021. 

Portland Fire & Rescue will investigate all fires that have a connection to fireworks and plan to hold people responsible. 

Instead of using fireworks in the city limits, the city of Portland encourages the public to attend a professionally-operated fireworks display in the city or nearby. 

Portland city officials ask the public to not call 911 to report fireworks use. This is to help ensure the 911 system is available for reporting active fires and serious medical emergencies and crimes. 

Fireworks are also illegal within Vancouver city limits. Violators could be fined $500 or more for using fireworks within the city. 

The city of Vancouver encourages people to call 360-597-7888 to report the illegal use of fireworks. Be sure to share the nearest cross streets of the location where the fireworks are being discharged. 

The Vancouver City Council banned fireworks in 2015 and the ordinance went into effect in October 2016. Other regulations apply to anyone who lives outside Vancouver city limits.