PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Why did the cow cross the road? That’s the million-dollar question posed for the Gresham Police Department after several residents spotted the animals roaming the city’s streets last night.

The unusual presence of the calves caused Gresham locals to have a cow, as many excitedly took to social media to share images and seek answers.

Cow roaming the streets of Gresham OR, April 14, 2022 (Courtesy Gresham Police Department)

Today police confirmed two cows were in fact on the moo-ve Thursday night, although the agency is still unsure how or why they ended up there.

“We did have two young cows wandering down our roads in SE Gresham last night,” Police told KOIN 6 News. “We still don’t know where they came from, but they ended up in a yard that was fenced.”

Gresham Police were not able to provide information as to whether the owners of the cows had been identified or not.