PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — You’re in luck if you hope to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some classic Irish food and drinks.

The second weekend of Portland’s Irish Festival is underway at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub. Celebrations feature classic Irish food, drinks and live entertainment.

There’s fun for the whole family.

“There’s going to be Irish dancers, bagpipers, all kinds of music on two different stages,” said Lucy McAleese, co-owner of Kells. “We have a tent behind us that is set up with a stage, we have a stage right here [in Kells pub], the main stage. Great food, great beverages and just a great time.”

“It’s just an exciting day for us celebrating our heritage being Irish, especially in this beautiful Portland area, the greenbelt of the northwest of the United States,” said Gerard McAleese, co-owner of Kells.