PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Medical expenses involved with having a pet can sometimes add up to thousands of dollars.

Because veterinary costs can quickly add up, a new crowdfunding website was made — specifically for pet owners to raise money for pet expenses. The site, called Waggle, is now being used by local shelters.

Waggle: Crowdfunding & Charity Solutions for Your Pets

Little Millie and Ashe are two pups from California who have been taken in by Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals.

When Millie and Ashe need to get somewhere, they both scoot. Ashe was born with a condition that makes him unable to use his back legs. Millie recently lost the use of hers as well.

“Millie was we believe hit by a car and then either thrown or scooted to a bush,” OFOSA Dog Coordinator Arlene Murray explained. “She was pregnant at that time. She was found with a three-day-old puppy that she was taking care of and she had a broken back and couldn’t move.”

The shelter has been raising money to get both dogs some new wheels through Waggle, which can be used by individuals and now shelters — which are often non-profit like OFOSA.

“It does add the extra expense because normally, we’re just paying for microchipping, vaccinations and spay and neuter, and then they’re ready to go,” OFOSA Director of Development Anne Haynes said.

The shelter found out this week they were able to raise the full $490 Millie needs for her wheels. However, they’re still about $600 short in Ashe’s case.

Waggle estimates that every year, half a million cats and dogs are euthanized because pet owners can’t afford treatment. Waggle’s fundraising has alleviated the financial stress at OFOSA — a foster-based rescue, while they help dogs like Ashe and Millie heal — and eventually, find forever homes.

“We don’t ever want to turn down when our rescue partner calls up and says, ‘We’ve got one that has some medical needs, would you be willing to take them?’ So we do, we just find a way,” Haynes said.

OFOSA is currently looking for people to foster dogs and cats. They also have a pet calendar photo contest for their alumni pets. For more information, check out their website.