PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — More than 270 pounds of marijuana and over a quarter million dollars in cash were seized by police from Salem-Keizer area homes, according to Keizer Police Department.

Keizer Police Department’s Community Response Unit was tipped off in October 2021 of possible “illegal activity” at a Keizer home on Northshire Court NE.

An investigation led police to believe “substantial amounts of marijuana” were being illegally grown at the home and at five others in the area.

Around 9 a.m. February 1, 2022, law enforcement searched the six homes and found 273 one-pound packages of marijuana along with 4,085 plants.

The seized plants could have “yielded a minimum of two pounds of marijuana which would have been valued at over $8 million in Oregon,” according to Keizer Police Department.

They also noted that the residents were illegally growing large amounts of marijuana in the homes while children were living in some of them.

Police also temporarily seized $280,802 of cash and assets linked to the marijuana distribution and cultivation.

Four of the homes were declared unlivable because of issues like wiring changes, chemical contamination, and mold.

Authorities searched the following addresses:

  • 6996 River Rd N, Keizer
  • 1077 Northshire Ct. NE, Keizer
  • 2445 Tynel Ct NE, Keizer
  • 250 Kashmir Ct SE, Salem
  • 4753 Lisa St NE, Salem
  • 4826 Manning Dr NE, Salem

Authorities also arrested: 47-year-old Shi Lu Su, 45-year-old Xiyan Xie, 40-year-old Xishi Xie, 68-year-old Ming Xie, 43-year-old Xizhi Xie, 43-year-old Dong Su and 48-year-old Chen Wuwen.

Those arrested now face several charges including unlawful manufacture of marijuana, unlawful possession of marijuana and attempted delivery of marijuana.

They are expected to appear in court March 3, 2022 at the Marion County Court Annex.