PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A man was released from a hospital more than two weeks after he was reportedly tased by an officer, resulting in him falling and hitting his head, according to authorities.

After he was released from the hospital on Thursday, the Salem Police Department says Daniel Garcia was taken to the Marion County Jail on a felony warrant for a probation violation for domestic assault and one first-degree burglary charge.

After the pursuit, police had initially said they had probable cause to arrest Garcia on burglary charges stemming from three different cases. Details of those cases have not been released, and it’s not clear why he was ultimately only lodged in jail on one burglary charge.

The incident occurred in Salem on Sept. 20 after an officer spotted Garcia, who authorities say ran away from officers toward Nebraska and 16th streets.

The police department stated that Garcia fell and hit his head after he was tased by an officer and noted: “no other significant use of force occurred.”

The officer who deployed the taser was reportedly uninjured in the incident. The officer’s name has still not been released.

Garcia received medical attention before paramedics arrived at the scene and he was then rushed to Salem Health for treatment, authorities said. While officials did not elaborate on his condition, Garcia’s family said he was on life support.

The police department stated because of Garcia’s expected length of medical care, his charges were being referred to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office.

On Thursday, Garcia’s family told KOIN 6 News they fear he will not get correct treatment while in custody.

In a statement, Garcia’s family said in part “our system is broken and disgraceful. I can only imagine the fear and confusion my son was feeling. Two days ago, he couldn’t even tell me his daughter’s birthday or answer questions the family asked him to gauge his memory. He doesn’t even comprehend the extent of his injuries.”

KOIN 6 News reached out to Salem police for a response and has not heard back.

KOIN 6 News’ Joelle Jones contributed to this report.