PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Pix Pâtisserie is bidding adieu to its Portland restaurant in August, owner Cheryl Wakerhauser announced Saturday

After 21 years, the beloved French bakery and wine bar is closing its doors for good. 

In a heartfelt announcement, Wakerhauser said she’s been planning her retirement from the restaurant industry for some time. Now, she’s giving her fans 51 days to enjoy the restaurant, its wine selection and its movie screening and Flamenco Fridays before it all comes to an end. 

“The last 21 years have been a journey in which I have dedicated myself to 110% at all times – reinvesting, recreating and reimagining what Pix has now become today. It’s been real. It’s been fun. But maybe 21 years is enough?” Wakerhauser wrote. 

The business started at the Portland Farmers Market in 2001. The first restaurant opened on Southeast Division Street and later moved to East Burnside Street. 

During the pandemic, Pix Pâtisserie developed its Pix-O-Matic refrigerated vending machines where people can purchase their favorite French desserts without contacting others. Wakerhauser said these machines are here to stay, even after the restaurant closes. 

She said people can still get their “Pix” 24 hours a day from the machines. Her kitchen team will be on site crafting desserts and restocking the machines daily. People will also be able to place special orders for larger cakes. .

As for what’s next, Wakerhauser wrote that she plans to take time to travel the world and will be back in 2023 with a cooking school focused on French pastry. She plans to offer both single-day, recreational classes, and series classes for people interested in pursuing French pastry as a professional career. 

Pix Pâtisserie will close on August 22. Before that date, there are still several summer events. The restaurant will screen movies such as “Amélie” and “The Princess Bride” and will host its popular Flamenco Fridays. 

Wakerhauser encourages patrons to visit the patio for drinks Friday through Sunday from noon to 9 p.m. While the Pix desserts will still be offered in the vending machine, Wakerhauser pointed out that she “can’t legally sell wine in a vending machine.”