PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Early Monday morning around 9 a.m. the Milwaukie Police Department  investigated a crash near Southeast 35th Avenue involving a vehicle colliding with a bicycle.

Police said the driver of the vehicle was heading south on 35th Avenue and stopped at the intersection of Southeast Lake Road, where they began to move forward very slowly to check for oncoming traffic. Suddenly, a child rode a bicycle through the crosswalk and collided with the vehicle. 

The driver of the vehicle got out to help the juvenile, whose  parents arrived on the scene to help care for them.

Officers issued no citations and the child suffered only minor injuries. The Milwaukie Police Department issued a statement afterward reminding all drivers to stay aware of their surroundings and use caution when stopping at controlled intersections as bicyclists and pedestrians can often be just out of the line of sight.