PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two years ago, the Pinula family’s two dogs wandered off and only one came home.

The family held onto hope they may one day see their Luna again but as time went on they started to accept she may be gone for good.

Then, they tuned into AM Extra and what happened next is the thing of miracles.

Carlos Pinula said he was watching a Second Chance Pets segment talking about a dog named Fiesta located at a shelter in Southwest Washington.

“I was looking at your guys’ news and there was another dog shelter that came up, and we were talking about Fiesta,” Carlos said.

It was then that he went online and saw her, Luna, miles away from their home in Wilsonville.

“Nobody knows how she got to Washington,” said Carlos. “We were surprised, everyone asking how did she get there and I was like… (shrugs)”

Now, two years later, the Pinula family is finally reunited and as Carlos’s son Carlitos puts it, they can finally get back to the things they love, watching movies and going to the dog park… that’s it.

“Watch movie with me and my dog,” said Carlitos, “and we went to the dog park with me and my dog, and my dad and my dog like it so much and that’s it.”