PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — E-scooters have been on Portland streets since the end of July and they will be there at least through Nov. 20 as a a part of a city-wide pilot program.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has been monitoring the program and analyzing its effect. Throughout the process, they’ve released some numbers.

According to PBOT:

  • From July 25 through Aug. 30, there were a total of 178,233 rides, traveling a total distance of 270,028 miles. That’s an average of 1.5 miles per ride. 
  • The longest single trip is 22 miles.
  • In the third week there were 2,363 e-scooters on city streets. As of the most recent report, there were 2,049.
  • In the first two weeks there were 47,836 total rides. In week three, there were 48,419 rides. In week four there were 43,786 rides and recently, through the fifth week, there were 38,912 rides.
For more information on the pilot program, you can visit PBOT’s website