PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, the FBI has seen an increase in threats in Jewish and Muslim communities.

A threat was received at the Islamic Social Services of Oregon State in Southwest Portland, police officials confirmed to KOIN 6 News. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office also confirmed a threat at the Islamic Society of Greater Portland in their area.

PPB and Washington County are coordinating the investigation as they continue to work with other agencies.

“You can’t assume anything is an empty threat these days,” said Kieran Ramsey, the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Oregon office.

“We want to make sure if people are out there threatening people with violence, that we take action to make sure that violence doesn’t happen, and that we can restore some sense of safety and security to folks in the community,” he said.

Since the Israel declared war on Hamas after the attack, there have been a series of rallies in Portland in support of both Israel and the Palestinians.

Jews and Muslims who spoke with KOIN 6 News said they won’t hide despite the incendiary climate.

“We’re not going to be broken. This isn’t going to get us to back down to a lower profile or be scared. We are good people,” said Rabbi Avrohom Dyce of the Chabad Jewish Center of Gresham. “Jewish people should gather together. They shouldn’t be afraid. No one from any nationality should be afraid.”

Yousef Bayomy of Vancouver, who spoke at a pro-Palestine rally on Saturday, said, “We take solace seeing one another. We are reminded that there is hope. We also take solace knowing we are not alone.”