PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland Fire & Rescue’s plea for additional staffing was officially granted on Wednesday.

After giving preliminary approval the previous week, Portland City Council authorized PF&R to create 13 new firefighter positions.

Fire officials say the positions will be funded internally by existing resources during the first nine months of employment as the new firefighters go through training. According to PF&R, the move for more staffing is cost neutral because the new firefighters will reduce fill shifts that would have otherwise been worked by staff members working overtime to maintain citywide daily staffing.

“The addition of these 13 members, when deployed on the line, will reduce the bureau’s reliance upon overtime to maintain daily staffing levels and will provide significant relief during periods of increased employee leaves as is experienced over holidays and during the summer months. This increase in front-line personnel is timely because PF&R will experience more than 100 members eligible for retirement in the next year and the 13 new firefighters are anticipated to fill the boots left vacant because of these retirements,” PF&R said in a press release.

However, officials say that the hires are likely not sufficient enough to address the retirement wave that will come over the next two years.

Due to this potential issue, PF&R says they are in talks with a consulting firm to evaluate the necessary number of firefighter positions needed to meet staffing needs and manage overtime — the firm will deliver their final report next month, PF&R says.