PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — What would you like to see in a new downtown Portland hot spot? That’s the question the City of Portland is asking residents as they look to connect Old Town/Chinatown to the Pearl District. 

Prosper Portland and the Portland Housing Bureau is considering many ideas as it looks to redevelop the Broadway Corridor area. 

It’s already an active area with Union Station nearby, and now that the city owns the U.S. Postal Service building site, they are calling this a “once in a generation” project they hope will have a lasting impact on the economy and community. 

Developers and the City of Portland are taking suggestions for what to build in the space that will connect Old Town/Chinatown to the Pearl District in a project called the Broadway Corridor. (KOIN) 

With 14 acres of possibility, there are many ideas being floated around.

“I think people understand what an opportunity this is and they are not going to settling for something that is underwhelming,” said Nolan Lienhart, the director of planning at ZGF Architects, the developer for the project. 

Ideas include things like new businesses, expanding streets for easier access, a community center and at least 700 units of affordable housing. New additions those who live in the area hope will address everyone’s needs. 

“Parks and theaters, just a place for people to hang out,” said Samuel Cole Jr., who lives in Chinatown.

“I hope this place will be very creative,” said Donata Tiley, who lives in Happy Valley. “I’d like there to be a lot of big trees and water feature.” 

Others hope the space will increase their quality of life.

“Have some green spaces, have public art, have water features — those are more likely to make the area feel more relatable,” said Tim Smith, who lives in the Pearl District. 

“The main goal is to create a new part of our city that is inclusive and it is equitable and it serves as a regional destination but that it adds something that we don’t yet have here in the city,” Lienhart said. 

Developers said the project is probably another decade away from becoming a reality, but they’re taking suggestions via an online open house for what you’d like to see there.