PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Parents who are within walking distance of Creston Elementary say safety improvements for crosswalks along Powell Boulevard to get to the school are long overdue.

“Cars are often going very fast,” said Laura Bartroff, who walks her children to Creston. “We’re very cautious, we teach the kids to wait until cars are stopped, and to make eye contact.”

Powell Boulevard is a busy, high-crash corridor. Bartroff says this prevents many families from walking to school.

“Honestly, it’s faster to walk and theoretically more enjoyable,” said Bartroff. “However, you know, there’s a real fear, especially with the recent traffic accidents.”

Bartoff was referring to the recent death of chef Sarah Pliner outside Cleveland High School. Since then, parents from other schools on Powell have been making their voices heard.

Bartroff attended the community meeting with city and state transportation officials last month, where the Oregon Department of Transportation and Portland Bureau of Transportation revealed plans to immediately make safer crosswalks and 20 mph school speed limits at Southeast 26th and Powell.

“We would love basically everything they’re doing at Cleveland High School to be expanded by us,” Bartoff said.

She and other PTA parents are pointing to safety improvements needed at several intersections on the path to Creston Elementary, specifically to at least the crosswalk on Southeast 47th Avenue.

Don Hamilton of ODOT reviewed the PTA’s list of demands, and he agreed a school speed zone and speed feedback signs could be helpful here.

“Well, all of this work that we’re doing around Cleveland High right now will really help us as we consider what the neighbors’ needs are around Creston,” said Hamilton.

Even though the 47th Avenue crosswalk wasn’t listed on ODOT’s projects for immediate improvements, Hamilton says that doesn’t mean they won’t be addressing those issues.

ODOT says they want safety to be a priority on Powell, especially around schools.

Officials at ODOT say they will work on engaging the public, parents, and Creston Elementary staff in the future to figure out what improvements are going to work best.

As for the safety improvements on Powell, ODOT has given out a list of projects: