PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Concern is growing for drivers after several trees have fallen on a stretch of road between Portland and Milwaukie.

The Oregon Department of Transportation says that the trees that fell on Oregon Route 99E along Southeast McLoughlin Blvd. are diseased.

According to ODOT, the first two trees fell on Aug. 20th, then another fell in early September. The organization also said their arborists are working with city arborists about this issue.

“We’re all on the same page. We want to make sure those city trees don’t present any problems to the state roads. We want to make sure that the public is protected from these dangerous trees,” said ODOT spokesperson Don Hamilton.

People who drive this stretch a lot tell KOIN 6 News they feel like this is a greater issue and that someone could get hurt.

“It’s an obvious concern and hazard when you’re driving by these trees as you can see they’re rotting out at the base,” said David Burdette, who commutes on Route 99E.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation said they support maintaining the trees but haven’t provided any detail about how they are doing that or a timeline for inspecting the other trees.

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