PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Procrastinating Portlanders have until April 18 to pay the Portland arts tax.

Portland residents 18 years of age or older who earned more than $1,000 during the previous year are required to pay the annual $35 tax, which was approved in 2012 as a way to fund K-5 arts and music education across six local school districts. The tax can be paid online through the city’s website, by ACH payment, or by mailed check or money order. 

Those who fail to submit the tax payment by the April 18 deadline will incur a $15 fine. If the delinquent tax payment remains unpaid for more than six months, the taxpayer will be charged an additional $20 fee, doubling the initial charge from $35 to $70. If an arts tax debt remains unpaid after the second fine, the city hands the debt collection duties over to a private debt collection company, which then imposes additional fees.

Although tax day typically falls on April 15, the 2023 deadline is extended until April 18 due to a combination of the 15th falling on a Saturday and the Washington, D.C. holiday Emancipation Day falling on April 17.