PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Officials say the dug-out piece of land where someone has apparently set up camp in Portland’s Lents neighborhood is a shared responsibility between the city and state — and it could be posted for removal as soon as Friday.

On Wednesday, KOIN 6 News reported that someone appeared to have dug a hole and placed a tent over it near SE 94th and Raymond Street. It is unclear how deep the hole is, and the site has a stone walk-up leading to the tent’s entrance.

City officials say their crews are very familiar with this established campsite and responded in part saying this camp hasn’t actually been “dug out.” The person residing there “essentially leveled the ground and then put a futon frame over the top – and then placed their tent on top of the frame.”

“We see a lot of really remarkable efforts by campers to try to dig into some of the ODOT properties and some of these areas here,” said Don Hamilton with ODOT. “And these have to be addressed. We’re seeing a lot of significant problems with campers in these areas.”

However, the camp’s location complicates any kind of governmental response. The site is by the multi-use path along Interstate 205, which is ODOT property, but according to city and state officials, there is a particular order of operations they are required to follow by law.

According to the intergovernmental agreement between the City of Portland and ODOT, the city has to take care of encampments and debris and ODOT must take care of the land.

The agreement states the city must post the site for clean-up, notifying campers three to 10 days in advance. The city also has to provide access to services for those willing to accept and pick up the garbage, and then ODOT can coordinate to help with further clean-up and repairs.

This specific site has not yet been posted for clean-up and removal, but the city says it may be posted as early as Friday.