PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A USPS mailbox stolen from its spot in the Eastmoreland neighborhood is not only being investigated by federal agents, it also put Multnomah County election officials on alert.

The collection box at SE Reed College Place and Woodstock Boulevard was stolen May 4, Multnomah County officials said. The last pickup at that box was 11:35 a.m. that day.

Multnomah County officials were just alerted Monday to the theft.

“We have a pretty good idea of when it happened and a pretty good idea that it’s a very small number of people that were affected but we’re trying to, with an abundance of caution, to get the word out to make people aware that this is something that happened,” said Multnomah County Elections Director Tim Scott.

Only the remnants of the bolts remain at the site where the mailbox once stood.

But anyone who used that specific mailbox after that time to mail their ballot may not have had their ballot counted. A voter should contact Multnomah County Elections at 503.988.8683 to check the status of their ballot.

Authorities said at least one voter who used that mailbox notified the county elections office when they didn’t hear from the Track Your Ballot service a week after mailing it in. Elections staff confirmed the ballot had not been received and they issued a replacement ballot.

“What we’re doing today is trying to get the word out and let people know that live in that neighborhood and might have used that USPS collection box to get in touch with us,” Scott said.

There is still time to get a replacement ballot, officials said, but needs to do so immediately. Any voter whose ballot was not received at the Multnomah County elections office can go online to ask for a replacement: multco.us/orderahead or by calling the elections office.

“We can still get them a replacement ballot as long as we haven’t received their first ballot and they can vote before the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday),” he told KOIN 6 News.

Voters can also track the status of their ballot: multco.us/trackyourballot

While it is true ballots postmarked on Election Day will count, election officals remind voters to double-check what time the USPS will collect the mail at that box. If you miss that last pickup time, your ballot will be postmarked a day late.